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"I Am"



Greetings, precious heart! 
I am Anastasia. 

Ana - again ~ Stasia - standing

I've been gifted this powerful name

and I gift its meaning, its strength, its resilience, to you

through music and song.

May we "stand again" and again,

no matter what life and this world brings our way.

Intrinsic to the endlessness of life itself;

the seasons, the movements,

the wisdom to harvest wisdom along our uncertain path.  

Flourishing within the process;

welcoming experience as a friend.

Refraining from dichotomy while engaging the gradient.

The Music of 
One Heart

Songs of Being, not Doing.

Songs of Receiving, for Giving.

Songs of Purity and Allowing.

Decisive songs.

Inclusive songs.

Songs of Innocence.

Songs of One Heart.



"Gods do not think as men think.

The thoughts of men are images.

The thoughts of Gods are living beings." 

                              - Rudolph Steiner


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In Joy~Anastasia 

I am so grateful we are connected now. YAY!

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