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I Am the Wind 


If I would go into the place in which I really live 

Then I would find you there

Every fragment of my heart which I have denied

I would find you there

Fragments of my spirit sent to seek out empty things

I would find you there


Verse 1

I dance with the darkness 

Which I have created 

The darkness is transformed

And light abides with light 

Love is set free 

Grace dissolving every dream


Verse 2

I become as the wind 

Knowing not from where I came 

Or to where I go

I surrender in perfect trust 

I rest in infinite peace 

Allowing love to flow through me


Spoken word: 

I am the wind 

Sweeping the dry places 

Where the mirage dances

I am the wind

I carry spirit home to heart 


Verse 3

I receive in innocence

I allow all experience 

I transcend every judgement 

I embrace in love 

The truth of the radiance 

Of my unlimitedness


Jaime’s song


I am the wind

Dispersing the dream 

Drench me Oh wind, O, drench me, 

O wind 

I flourish, I bloom, I live, and give 

My essence to the living ether

I Am the Wind
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