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Anastasia Thiele

Is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Light Language, which she presents through her distinctive approach known as the Language of Illumination.
With an impressive span of 41 years immersed in the study and application of this spiritual art form, Anastasia has developed a profound method for individuals to explore and expand their inner light and understanding.
Her expertise as a Certified Body Code practitioner and licensed BioGeometry Consultant enhances her ability to guide others in experiencing the Language of Illumination, providing a comprehensive and enriched journey into self-awareness and energetic balance.


The Gift Unlimited - Our Birthright

Language of Illumination Course

Join Anastasia for a three-part webinar series designed to awaken and integrate the Language of Illumination within you. Each session is a live experience that includes teachings, practical exercises, and a Q&A period.

Regular Price $297/ Special Offer $52.25




Session 1

Dive into the concepts of the mundane, the sacred, and reverence.





Session 2

Prepare to receive the sacred gift of Light Language.




Session 3

Participate in the collective experience of receiving the Gift.

Special Offer #2: Personalized Enhancement Package

This package offers a comprehensive experience, including the full webinar series and three exclusive private sessions. This is an ideal choice for participants who wish to extend their exploration of the Language of Illumination in a more personal setting.

  • Enjoy focused, one-on-one guidance that complements the webinar series content.

  • Engage in three targeted Body Code sessions to help clear subconscious patterns and enhance your receptivity to the Language of Illumination.

  • Experience a bespoke combination of Nourishing Sound and Language of Illumination transmission tailored to your individual journey.


Special Package Price: $52.25 per private session, in addition to the webinar series, for a total of three sessions.


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